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Märta Louise Karlsson

Short version: 

    Glass is not easy, glass is organic and constantly breathing. I was introduced and fell in love. I was stuck and through it all, hungry for more knowledge and experimental work, I could not ever stop learning, doing, loving it. 

Long version:

   Ml.objects started 2016 when Märta Louise Karlsson for the first time tried to blow her first glass object in a hut in Nybro, Småland. The spark between her and the material was too wicked to ignore and later, she spend her last year as a product design student, to explore and get to know different processes and techniques. With a blank slate, she found opportunities within the non-knowledge, which gave her a great Foundation.


    With a background as a product designer and maker, her practical and theoretical education in the heart of Sweden, later drove towards conceptual design and material exploration in the big city. Her passion lies with the material glass and glassblowers. Småland was her home for three years and in the forests she found the calm she needed to see her path clearly. The Kingdom of Crystal was inevitable, which lead to a beautiful love story between creativity, ambition and curiosity. 


Quality is key to a conscious society. If one choose to create art and objects, it has to be with clean heart and sustainable mind. Skrufs Glasbruk is a glass blowing company where tradition, innovation, high quality and high artistic content. All objects that ml.objects create are produced at Skrufs Glasbruk with extremly talented glass blowers and workshop staff.

    Märta Louise har spent almost her whole life with the ocean as her viewl. Varberg is located on the West Coast in Sweden, her birthplace, where the sandy beaches, sharp cliffs and rich vegetation are heavily imprinted in her work - her main inspiration source and first love. 

   Her ambition is to use her two foundations, the coastal freedom of the shoreline and the idyllic years she spent in the green forests of the swedish idyll. Her projects are therefor inspired by and created with natural materials, such as; seaweed, sand, water, wood and other materials. All objects also have a mindful part of poetry which sets more care within them.



Drummel, small / large

       - Design & making / Produced by Skrufs Glasbruk / Commission by Svenssons i Lammhult 


Glass Play   

       - Concept, design & making 

       - Exhibited at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018 - HDK Playing by the rules &

       HEMMA - Stories of Home, Milano Design Week 2018


Shuí Vase   

       - Design & making / Produced by Skrufs Glasbruk / Commission by Artilleriet Interior AB


Blinka Series   

       - Design & making  / Produced by Skrufs Glasbruk


Service Building, Kalmar Cementary, Kalmar Sweden.

       -  Design & Concept by Märta Louise Karlsson, Ellinor Bondesson & Philippa Stenmarker

       / Commission by Kalmar Cementary - Kalmar Township

       Built & completed 2020

Educational Background 


Design Master - Gothenburg University, Gothenburg Sweden 

       - Artistic Master Degree in Design


Design Bachelor - Design Programe Linnaeus University, Nybro Sweden

       - Artistic Bachelor Degree in Product Design / Glass Oriented


EAT - Food, Materiality & Design 15Hp

       - Märklig Mat, Concept Developed together with Therese Elgquist /



Culture Scholarship / Kulturstipendium, Township of Varberg, Varbergs Kommun


Education Scholarship, Glass Blowing Course I & II, Estrid Ericssons Stiftelse

Kursstipendium, Glasblåsningskurs I & II, Estrid Ericssons Stiftelse


Design Master


Design Week, Gothenburg - MAOW Excavations 

       -  "Shifting Sands"

       - Design Talk together with Fanny Lindh & Henrik Sputnes


Rian Design Museum, Falkenberg - Visualising Complexity

       - "A Hint of Clay" 


Design Week, Gothenburg - Reality Check

       - "The Cut"

Design Bachelor


Graduation Exhibition - De-signing Out

       - Glass: Surface, Shape & Function - "Shuí & Gro"


Fall Exhibition - Glass & Product Oriented Design Project

       - "Blinka Series"

c o n t a c t 

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phone /        (+46) 070 50 95 835

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